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Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences.  ~ Roger Bacon

Categories & Challenge Format


Individual Event

Team Event


Category 1 (C1) - Year 3 or Primary 3

Category 2 (C2) - Year 4 or Primary 4

Category 3 (C3) - Year 5 or Primary 5

Category 4 (C4) - Year 6 or Primary 6

3 participants per team

  • Students currently studying in Year/Primary 5 and Year/Primary 6
  • mixed age group acceptable


60 minutes

Qualifying round: 30 mins

Final round:

  • only 5 teams are selected
  • 60 mins preparation
  • 10 mins presentation to judges

Type of questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based on Singapore Maths problem sums

Qualifying Round: Buzz Quiz based on Singapore Maths problem sums.

Final Round: Problem Solving Scenario (each team guided by a S.A.M. mentor)

Marking system /

Judging criteria

  • plus (+) 1 marks if answered correctly
  • no mark if unanswered or wrong answer
  • shows concept understanding
  • adopts creative approach
  • demonstrates team work

Free Entry

Not applicable

Team members that do not get through qualifying round will automatically be given FREE entry to Individual Event (C3 or C4), which will be held after qualifying round, on the same day

Prizes (see details below)

Certificates, Trophies and book vouchers (more to follow)

Certificates, Trophies and book vouchers (more to follow)

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Acknowledgement for Sponsorship

SMaths would like to extend sincere thanks to the following companies for their generous support towards the competition prizes (MPH book vouchers, Matholia subscription, multiuse maths backpack and imported Maths learning resources):

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