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Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences.  ~ Roger Bacon

1.      Can someone else take my place in the Individual Event if I decide not to take part in the Challenge?

No.  Registration fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

2.      For Team Event, if one of my team members withdraws from the event last minute, can someone else take

         his / her place?

Yes, but the Organiser must be informed before event day and replacement must come with the receipt of replaced participant. Please note that replacement is subject to Organiser’s approval.

3.       Must all my team members be from the same school in Team Event?

No. Not necessarily, as long as you have three participants in your team.

4.       Is the Team Event segregated into age groups?

No. Your team can be of mixed age group for students in primary/year 5 and primary/year 6 on the competition date.

5.       If my team does not qualify for final round in the Team Event, can I take part in the Individual Event?

Yes, all Team Event participants who do not qualify for final round, will automatically be given FREE entry to Individual Event, which will be held after qualifying round, on the same day.

6.       Can I not take part in the Individual Event if my team does not make it to the Final Round?

Yes, but it would mean that you will miss out on winning prizes for the Individual Event. You can attend the talk with parents while waiting for the team presentation and prize presentation.

7.       Is the complimentary one-day workshop compulsory for all participants in Team Event?

We strongly encourage the teams to attend the workshop to understand how to approach the problem solving questions. Various techniques will be covered during the workshop so that the participants are better prepared for the Team Event, especially if they proceed to the Final Round and are required to do presentations. You will also be briefed on the team event rules and regulations during the workshop day.

8.       What do I need to bring for the competition?

You MUST produce proof of payment i.e receipt and bank in slip, and proof of identification i.e MyKid or School Student Card with photo. Please bring stationery like blue/black pens, 2B pencils, sharpener, ruler, eraser, correction fluid etc. Calculators, phones and electrical devices are not allowed. Bring water bottle.

9.       What shall I wear on the day of the competition?

You should be properly attired in your full school uniform. Alternatively, please come in smart casual attire. Slippers and smart watches are not allowed. Bring a jacket or cardigan as facilities are air-conditioned.

10.     Who are the co-organisers of SMaths Challenge?

HELP International School

Since its inception in January 2014, HELP International School currently has 1,100 students with the school, and is considered as one of the fastest growing international schools in Malaysia.

Drawing from the expertise of HELP University Faculty of Education and Languages and the Faculty of Behavioural Science, the school offers students an exceptional educational experience with an international team of experienced and passionate teaching staff, delivering the British curriculum from preschool level all the way up to A-Levels. The curricula are also complemented with Singapore Mathematics syllabus and a strong Mandarin (Chinese) programme.

The school is currently housed at a purpose-built campus facility in Subang Bestari, which is conveniently located within 30 minutes travel time from Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

With a motto of “Life in all its fullness”, the school, which is based on a holistic education model, encourages all-round development and strives to empower students for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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Seriously Addictive Maths (S.A.M. Singapore Maths)

S.A.M, or Seriously Addictive Mathematics, is a Mathematics Learning Program from Singapore, with a unique Mathematics curriculum designed for students from 4 to 12 years of age. The curriculum is primarily modelled after the Singapore Mathematics programme, which is one of the most successful in the world. With 30,000 pages of meticulously designed self-learning worksheets with a unique step up approach and unique mathematical learning tools, S.A.M program covers everything that a child needs to know in order to excel in Mathematics at school.

S.A.M currently available at over 35 locations nationwide. The company has achieved this in a span of just over 2 years since inception in 2014.

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